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South Africa is ‘on the brink’ of expansion for the protection of our Sharks & Rays, or ultimately extinction for the species – the choice is ours.


species of sharks & rays in SA waters


ocean protection needed in MPAs


chondrichthyan species in SA waters are threatened


species already extinct in SA waters



is a campaign for sharks & rays that aims to highlight the importance and value of new sanctuary areas in South Africa’s Ocean for the species, as well as strengthen support for the designation and establishment of Protected Areas, and their effective management.

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Sharks and rays are arguably one of the most endangered species on the planet, with it being reported in 2021 by the IUCN that a third of the worlds shark and ray species are threatened, with 3 species not seen in more than 30 years.


42% of chondrichthyan species occurring within South African waters are threatened, either Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered. Two of the 29 species listed as ENDANGERED are South African endemics and only found in our waters – namely the Puffadder shyshark and Twineye skate.


South Africa is a top five global hotspot for shark & ray diversity with around 200 species in our waters – which means as a country we can be a LIFEBOAT for the species.


However, considering that both the Largetooth sawfish and Green sawfish are locally extinct in our waters and with negative trends such as habitat destruction, illegal fishing and fisheries and climate change and economic development gaining momentum – we need to increase protection or risk further extinctions.

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The hope is for an additional 5% ocean protection for South Africa in achieving our global commitment of 10%, which will include critical habitats and areas for this slow growing species which is late to mature and produces few young.

New data is telling us that of almost 90 of some 200 shark and ray species found in South Africa’s oceans, only 20% of their range is currently protected within Marine Protected Areas BUT the expansion of 5% to 10% of our ocean in Marine Protected Areas will potentially more than DOUBLE their protection – protecting 50% of their range. The creation of sanctuaries for sharks & rays in South Africa is critical for their increased protection and the health of our ocean and our people.

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