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Commit yourself to meaningful action and be one of 100 000 voices in support of  the South African government, increasing protection of the ocean space around South Africa in our mainland waters from 5% to 10%.


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a critical tool in the ocean protection toolbox, playing a vital role in maintaining biological diversity and ecosystem functioning by controlling harmful activities in sensitive habitats and by preserving representative areas from unsustainable human development.

Over-fishing, damaging industrial activities, habitat destruction, climate change and pollution are not letting up and by not protecting our oceans ability to keep giving what we take, we risk a biodiversity crisis, ocean collapse and a subsequent economic catastrophe – not to mention EXTINCTIONS.

South Africa is ‘on the brink’ of expansion for the protection of our Sharks & Rays, or ultimately extinction for the species – the choice is ours.

The hope is for an additional 5% ocean protection for South Africa in achieving our global commitment of 10%, which will include critical habitats and areas for this slow growing species which is late to mature and produces few young.


New data is telling us that of almost 90 of some 200 shark and ray species found in South Africa’s oceans, only 20% of their range is currently protected within Marine Protected Areas BUT the expansion of 5% to 10% of our ocean in Marine Protected Areas will potentially more than DOUBLE their protection – protecting 50% of their range.


We must make a shift from what needs to be done, which science has made clear, to how it can be done. Our oceans (and our sharks and rays) need us to take this step.

You can help by joining this appeal action.

MAKE YOUR MARK. It will not even take you a minute.

Help us get to 100 000 names and voices for 10%.

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